In 1958, a ten year old boy heard of the news of the Coyotes winning the national championship in Evansville, Indiana. He watched those glory years at the New Armory and has recollections of how the teams played.


The boys name is Wayne Everson, a Vermillion native and in the VHS Class of 1965. Wayne submitted a “Comment” today on the “Cloddy Stories” page. This is the fifth story submitted so far. Below is the link:

Wayne Everson’s story.

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A “New Book Proposal” is what an author sends to potential publishers/agents/editors in order to create interest and convince a publisher that this is a book worth publishing. I have written a New Book Proposal for a past book project, so I have a template to follow and a little bit of experience. I will include the following in the New Book Proposal:


Book Title and sub-title

The first three chapters of the book. (In polished form. In this case, I am writing a preface, the first chapter on dad’s Woonsocket days, and the second chapter which will cover his high school coaching years.)

Chapter titles and chapter summaries.

Book Synopsis. (The story in a nutshell)

Who the audience will be. (In detail)

What is the competition. (I.e. Other books out there in this specific genre)

Who will endorse it.

Who will promote it.

A Marketing Plan (A USD business prof gave me a template for this. This is going to take some time and input from experts)

About the author. (Education, experience and prior writing projects)

As I am unsure yet whether to go the traditional publishing route or whether to self – publish, I may not even send it to very many publishers. Yet, I believe it is a worthwhile exercise and will help – whichever route the book takes. I may need to use it for potential endorsements as well.

I enjoy the process of putting a New Book Proposal together and especially the polished end product. That being said, it’s still a daunting task and I find myself procrastinating. However, once I get on a roll, it’ll get done. And hopefully help me in getting “Cloddy” written and published and sold successfully.

The journey continues and thank you for your interest!

WRITER’S DIGEST MAGAZINE: A Good Resource for Writers

For those of you interested in writing, I would recommend taking a look at the magazine “Writer’s Digest.” The magazine covers all facets of writing and all genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Free-Lance Writing, Humor, Marketing, Getting Published, Agents and Editors, Tips on Writing, Etc.

The recent May/June edition has an article entitled “101 Best Websites for Writers.” This listing alone is a very helpful resource which will take a writer to websites which are further sources of help. My wife recently bought me a subscription which I am looking forward to receiving.

CAVEAT: If you subscribe to their email list, you will receive multiple emails daily trying to sell you something – a few of which may be of help, but mostly spam from my perspective.

Good writing!