Last week, I spent a couple of days at Huron’s daily newspaper the “PLAINSMAN.” Editor Sean Kelley and the kind staff of the PLAINSMAN allowed me access to the newspaper’s archives – affectionately referred to by the staff as the “MORGUE.”

This large binder of PLAINSMAN newspapers from the early 1950's holds three months of newspapers.

This large binder of PLAINSMAN newspapers from the early 1950’s holds three months of newspapers.

Dad coached and taught at Huron High School from 1950-53 after a successful one year stint at Yankton High School. I researched to answer questions such as why he left Yankton and how the position in Huron came open and his experiences and accomplishments in Huron.


I learned Kansas Coach Phog Allen spoke at the Huron High School/Huron College Athletic banquet in 1951 and that Kentucky’s Adolph Rupp spoke in the spring of 1952. About 700 people attended these two events honoring the athletic teams.

My time at the PLAINSMAN was very productive and I learned some useful information which will be important in writing the chapter about dad’s three years in Huron. I was just a “twinkle in my daddy’s eye” in 1953, but would arrive a year later in the fall of 1954.


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2014 ANNUAL REPORT ON ACTIVITY OF KIMCLODFELTER.COM: I was shocked at how many countries had visitors to this site.

I started kimclodfelter.com on WORDPRESS.ORG in March of last year primarily to promote the forthcoming biography “CLODDY.”

One of the plugins on my site is called JETPACK. This plugin records data on how many people visit this site, where they came from, and other data such as how they connected to this site (E.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)


I accidentally stumbled across this report and was shocked to discover how many countries were represented in the data showing the number of visitors. This website was up and running for about ten months in 2014 with a total number of visitors of 2700 which translates to 270 per month or 9 per day. These are modest numbers, but it’s a start at building a platform to launch the book.

Countries (# of visitors)

United States (2340), Mexico (15), Canada (5), Dominican Republic (1), Costa Rica (2), Panama (2), El Salvador (1), Brazil (180), Columbia (7), Venezuela (2), Ecuador (6), Peru (3),  Chile (5), Argentina (8), Paraguay (2), Ethiopia (1), Morocco (1), Algeria (2), Israel (1), Pakistan (3), India (2), United Arab Emirates (1), Bangladesh (1), Indonesia (3), Philippines (4), Thailand (2), Malaysia (2), Taiwan (1), Turkey (3), Greece (8), Italy (24), Spain (14), Bulgaria (1), Romania (1), Croatia (1), Hungary (1), Poland (1), United Kingdom (1), Portugal (9), Switzerland (1), Germany (3), Netherlands (9), Latvia (1), Belgium (2).

49 countries in all according to Jetpack stats. 

I don’t know how or why visitors from so many far away countries came to visit this website, but I hope it bodes well for the book when it is published.

Anyway, Happy New Year to all those visiting this site! And thanks for your interest. Let your friends know about this project “CLODDY.”