I have written 45,000 words of the first draft of “Cloddy.” I’m just finishing Chapter 10 which covers the 1958 championship season. I anticipate there will be 17 chapters in all and 70-75,000 words.

The next chapter will cover Dad’s summer in Peurto Rico coaching the Ponce team in the Peurto Rican Summer League. The family went to this Caribbean island as well. I was three and a half years old at the time and have limited recollection. I will rely on my siblings recollections as well as some research materials I have accumulated. One thing I do remember is the size of the mosquitoes descending upon the beach toward sunset.

A Beach in Puerto Rico

A Beach in Puerto Rico

I will also have to rely on a Spanish translator as some of my materials are written in Spanish and I know little to none of the language. This project is taking longer than I thought, but I like how it’s shaping up. It will need a lot of polishing as well as I am presently just trying to get the story on paper. Then I can start the first re-write.

Thanks for your interest! So many have been a great source of encouragement to me!

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