The biography of Dwane “Cloddy” Clodfelter is now in stock and available for purchase. A limited number of copies (1,000) of this First Edition of CLODDY are available. To ensure you receive a copy of this first printing of CLODDY, visit the “Store” page by clicking here. Those who pre-ordered the book will receiver their copy(s) shortly.cloddyfinal

This sports biography is a 6” x 9” hardcover with dust jacket. The book is 306 pages long (370 pages with the 1460 endnotes) and includes 49 photos. The dust jacket was designed by Laura Drew and the book’s interior was designed by Colleen Sheehan of Ampersand Book Interiors. Dr. Brent Froberg and Dr. Evelyn Schlenker, former USD professors, assisted with the editing of the manuscript.

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My father, Dwane “Cloddy” Clodfelter, was born in July of 1918. If he was with us today, he would have celebrated his 100th birthday. Since August 2012, I have been working on his biography entitled, CLODDY: Coach Dwane “Cloddy” Clodfelter, a Pioneer in the Integration of NCAA College Basketball. My graphic designers are almost finished with their work on the cover and the book’s interior design. I hope to release the book by mid-October. CLODDY will be available for purchase on my website.

Dwane Clodfelter (ca. 2005)

Dwane Clodfelter (ca. 2005)

The cover should be completed by month’s end. I have worked on this biography for six years and it has taken much longer than anticipated. I think my next book will be a novel – because then I can just make stuff up. I’m anxious to get this book released and hope those who read Dad’s story will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it!

WRITER’S DIGEST MAGAZINE: A Good Resource for Writers

For those of you interested in writing, I would recommend taking a look at the magazine “Writer’s Digest.” The magazine covers all facets of writing and all genres: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Free-Lance Writing, Humor, Marketing, Getting Published, Agents and Editors, Tips on Writing, Etc.

The recent May/June edition has an article entitled “101 Best Websites for Writers.” This listing alone is a very helpful resource which will take a writer to websites which are further sources of help. My wife recently bought me a subscription which I am looking forward to receiving.

CAVEAT: If you subscribe to their email list, you will receive multiple emails daily trying to sell you something – a few of which may be of help, but mostly spam from my perspective.

Good writing!